EP. 12 – Bitesize Edition: Armenian piano jazz soundscapes, Nu classic soul-jazz & 70’s jazz funk.

Welcome to the latest Courtney Pine Global Podcast Bitesize Edition!  A coffee break’s worth of cool jazzy vibes to wet your appetite for the full show.  Commercial free, and hand-picked by Courtney for a vibrant, and soulful listen!  
This week whadda journey!  You’ll begin in the beauty & jazz of Armenia: an epic sonic feast from Joel A Martin; then you’ll immerse in Grammy-nominated Theo Croker’s simmering live version of Mos Def’s ‘Umi Says’.  Finally it’s groove time!  70’s jazz-funk courtesy of Chance Hayden!

C’mon everybody listen again & again to this superb 3-track Bitesize Edition from the one and only Courtney Pine – it’s all for YOU!
  1. Joel A Martin – Dance of Echmiadzin Self release
  2. Theo Croker – Umi Says Sony Masterworks
  3. Chance Hayden – One Plus One Ropeadope

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