Ep. 19 – Nu Jazz & beyond from Israel, Germany, Cuba, Senegal, Netherlands, Argentina, US, Mexico, France & Scotland

Courtney’s playing refreshingly cool new jazzy vibes for you to work, rest and play to! This week Tel Aviv guitar bop, meditative vocals & kora, free-funk fusion, Parisian bossa, nu-soul grooves, Brubeck swing, electronica, modern jazz trio: spread the word folks this music is sunshine for your soul!
1. Ron Magril – It’s The Cops Until Now UBUNTU Tr1
Ron Magril gtr Avshalom Meidan pno Oren Hardy bs Ofri Nehemya dr
1950’s Hard Bop reimagined by Tel Aviv’s Ron & crew – gorgeous!
2. Alma Naidu – Hold On To Me Alma LEOPARD Tr2
Alma Naidu vc, Simon Oslender keys, Claus Fischer bs, Wolfgang Haffner dr, Liselotte Östblom, Florian Stierstorfer, Ann-Katrin Naidu bvs arr
Message of hope from soulful Alma – beautiful meditative vocals from Germany.
3. Omar Sosa – Drops of Sunrise Suba BENDIGEDIG Tr4
Omar Sosa pno Seckou Keita kora Gustavo Ovalles perc
Afro-Cuba meets Senegal Griot poetry – a prayerful hybrid of togetherness & grace.
4. Sued Nandayapa Bergmann Saunders – The Lower Field While It Lasts ROPEADOPE Tr3
Natalio Sued sx Gustavo Nandayapa dr Andrew Bergmann bs Bruce Saunders gtr
Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina & US all involved in the creating of this brill free energy meets funky backbeats fest!
5. Tierney Sutton – Triste Paris Sessions 2 Tr1
Tierney Sutton vc Serge Merlaud gtr Kevin Axt bs
Jobim arr Merlaud
A love story in music btw Tierney & Serge: Bossa in Paris – delicious!
6. Large Bottom Productions feat Von – Ugly Girl SELF RELEASE
Von vc Marzuq Asanti bs Kevin Morissette keys Avreeayl Ra perc dr Nicole Mitchell fl Phil Seed gtr
Mellow soul vibes outta Chicago feat gorgeous flute from Nicole Mitchell.
7. Dave Brubeck Trio – Swanee River Live From Vienna 1967 BRUBECK EDITIONS Tr3
Dave Brubeck pno Joe Morello dr Eugene Wright bs
Foster arr Brubeck
Brubeck minus Desmond swingin hard with incredible bass chops from Eugene Wright! 
8. Rebecca Vasmant – Anthropology Dance Yourself Free TRU-THOUGHTS Tr2
Rebecca Vasmant mix Nadia Carveth vc Chris Greive tb
Soulful jazzy club beats from Glasgow’s Rebecca + community
9. Bobby Sparks II – Musical Diarrhoea Paranoia LEOPARD RECORDS Tr2
Jason JT Thomas dr pt1 Mike (Black Dynamite) Mitchell dr pt2 Frank Moka perc Hadrian Feraud Mark Lettieri Mike Stern Dean Brown gtr Chris Potter tnr Bobby Sparks II keys
Masterpiece of super-sized lyrical fusion electronica
10. Avishai Cohen Trio – Videogame Shifting Sands NAIVE/BELIEVE Tr9
Avishai Cohen bs Elchin Shirinov pno Roni Kaspi dr
Modern jazz trio democracy in action from idea-maker acclaimed bassist Avishai.