Ep. 23. Nu Jazz & beyond from Texas, UK, NYC, Africa, West Coast, Belgium, Jamaica, Puerto-Rico

Courtney’s playing refreshingly cool new jazzy vibes for you to work, rest and play to! Jam-packed full of new releases and plenty of fun, including many of the artists introducing their own tracks! This week uplifting bigband, be-bop, hot blues, African flute, classic vocal swing, Belgian guitar fusion, trombone reggae, latin contemporary jazz, Cuban beats: the finest from 2022 folks – let’s keep the music playing and support these fantastic artists in everything they do!!

1 John Wasson’s Strata Big Band – Heat Seeker (Wasson) – Chronicles MAMA RECORDS Tr1 feat Pete Clagett tpt Jeff Robbins tnr

You can always rely on some feel good big band from Texan trombonist John Wasson & Strata to kick things off and lift our mood!!

2 Basil Hodge – Hanging Out (A Point of Reference ZEAL Tr1) – Basil Hodge pno Ed Jones tnr Olli Hayhurst db Winston Clifford dr

Boppin hard – pianist/composer Basil Hodge has been a mainstay of the British Jazz scene since the early nineties – a few UK legends on this track incl wonderful Winston Clifford keepin’ time!

3 Catherine Russell – You Can Fly High (King/Vincent) Send For Me DOT TIME Tr7 – Catherine Russell vc Matt Munisteri gtr Mark Shane pno Tal Ronen bs Mark McLean dr

“I love romance that swings: songs that inspire or touch me in some way. When I find a song I like, it haunts me until I learn it.” Grammy winner Catherine Russell is jazz royalty, just check her family tree!! Liftin us high on a blues foot-tapping groove!

4 Shabaka – Ital is Vital (Hutchings) – Afrikan Culture IMPULSE Tr3 – Shabaka – Shakuhachi Kadialy Kouyate – Kora

“Afrikan Culture was made around the idea of meditation and what it means for me to still my own mind and accept the music which comes to the surface,” says Shabaka. “It features various types of Shakuhachi flutes and a new technique of creating that I’ve been experimenting with in layering many flutes together to create a forest of sound where melodies and rhythms float in space and emerge in glimpses.”


Singer and actor DAN OLIVO is a regular on the Southern California jazz scene. He performs with his combo at such high-end venues as The Bar Nineteen12 at The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Ritz Carlton at Corona Del Mar and Rancho Mirage, The Riviera Hotel, and the Frank Sinatra House in Palm Springs.

6 Olivier Chavet – Giorno (Chavet)- Racines MUDAC PRODUCTIONS Tr3 – Olivier Chavet dr Daniel Chavet gtr Werner Lauscher bs Sebastian Scobel pno

“Music and nature are two elements that have shaped composer Olivier Chavet both privately and professionally since his childhood. Born in Aachen, Belgium, he is both a trained musician and an agricultural economist. In these two spheres of activity, he experiences on a daily basis that everything is interconnected like a web of roots”.

7 Steve Turre – Don D. (Turre) – Generations SMOKE Tr3 – Steve Turre tb Andy Bassford gtr Derrick Barnett bs Karl Wright dr Trevor Watkiss keys Wallace Roney Jr tpt Emilio Modeste tir 

A tribute to the legendary Skatalites trombonist Don Drummond, Turre convened a reggae summit meeting.“There’s a balance between youth and age,” Turre says, “Age brings wisdom and knowledge, and youth brings enthusiasm and energy. Playing with each of them stretches me in a different way. The elders stretch me in ways of wisdom, but the youngsters fire it up. All of that is inspiring.”

8 Redman Mehldau McBride Blade – Disco Ears (Redman)- Longgone NONESUCH Tr2 – Joshua Redman sx Brad Mehldau pno Christian McBride bs Brian Blade dr

The members of the legendary original 1990s Joshua Redman Quartet – Redman, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride and Brian Blade – reunited after twenty-six years for 2020’s RoundAgain; they return now with LongGone, featuring six original tunes by Redman.

9 Brian Lynch – E.P’s Plan B (Lynch) – Songbook Vol 2 Dance The Way You Want To HOLLISTIC MUSIC WORKS Tr1 – Brian Lynch tpt Tom Kelly, Chris Thompson-Taylor/Aldo Selvent sx, Kemuel Roig/Alex Brown pno Rodner Padilla bs, Hilario Bell dr Murphy Aucamp perc

Fantastic tribute to Puerto Rican piano icon Eddie Palmieri, with whom multi-Grammy award winner Brian had a multi-decade-long musical association – as well as being a Jazz Messenger in the 80’s just like Courtney P!