Ep.4 Awesome Jazz Music from Nubya Garcia, Rosie Turton, Jorja Smith and more

How can you NOT fall in love with this music? Kitchen-disco it with Veronica Swift (ahem!) drift with the gorgeous Nubya Garcia and Nala Sinephro in their Beautiful Place, then re-enter, Expanded and Transformed, via the joyous Rosie Turton. Hold Hands with the ethereal groove of Ezra Collective then swerve samba-style south of the border where the sun’s always shining with Agustin Pereyra Lucena – c’mon now we see you smilin’! The halting sweetness of The Pucciarelli Group; the urgent Altitude of Nate Smith; Marquis Hill insanely live…ALL THIS in one swift episode?? That’s the beauty of Courtney Pine Global! 

  1. Joe Farnsworth – Bud-Like 
  2. Kenny Barron (pno), Peter Washington (bs), Joe Farnsworth (dr)
  3. James Brandon Lewis – Fallen Flowers 
  4.  Maria Schneider – Wyrgly (Evanescence Version) 
  5. Abdullah Ibrahim – The Wedding
  6. Gregory Porter – If Love is Overrated 
  7. Kit Downes – Sandilands
  8. Goldings, Bernstein & Stewart – United
  9. Vincent Herring – Preaching to the Choir 

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