EP.5 Blissful grooves from Somi, Gregory Porter, Abdullah Ibrahim, Selene Saint-Aime and more

Blissful grooves from Somi, Gregory Porter, Mark Turner, Abdullah Ibrahim, Larry Goldings, Selene Saint-Aime, Kit Downes and more

Spring is Here, and 9 Other Reasons to be stoked this week! Somi & Gregory Porter Tasting the Strawberries, Abdullah Ibrahim at a Wedding, Mark Turner’s Nigerian awakening, Kit Downes on the beach, Vincent Herring at Church, Sélène Saint-Aimé blossoming in the Caribbean, Joe Farnsworth abloom Bud-like, James Brandon Lewis amongst the Flowers and Larry Goldings Uniting us all for the doubtless brighter days ahead. 

Do NOT miss it!! 

  1. Joe Farnsworth: Bud-Like (Smoke)
  2. James Brandon Lewis: Fallen Flowers (Tao Forms)
  3. Sélène Saint-Aimé: Kosmos
  4. Abdullah Ibrahim: The Wedding (Gearbox)
  5. Somi feat Gregory Porter: Love Tastes Like Strawberries (Salon Africana)
  6. Kit Downes: Sandilands (Vermillion)
  7. Mark Turner: Nigeria II (ECM)
  8. Larry Goldings: United (Smoke)
  9. Vincent Herring: Preaching To The Choir (Smoke)

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