Episode 13: Bitesize Edition: Smooth,neo-soul grooves, Mexico City vibes & latin piano jazz.

Coming Up this week: Courtney Pine’s personal jazz & beyond picks from Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead, SLY5THAVE & Roberto Verastegui, and Josean Jacobo.

Welcome to the latest Courtney Pine Global Podcast Bitesize Edition!  A coffee break’s worth of cool jazzy vibes to wet your appetite for the full show.  Commercial free, and hand-picked by Courtney for a vibrant, and soulful listen!  

This week a feast of global delights!  Jonathan Barber’s smooth grooves move down to the electric energy of a sensational Mexico City collaboration before Josean Jacobo evokes the spirits of Dominica to meet him in some beautiful latin piano jazz.

It’s ALL new and it’s ALL for you Folks – dive in today!

  1. Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead – Denim (Self-Release)
  2. SLY5THAVE & Roberto Verastegui – Ensencialmente (Tru-Thoughts)
  3. Josean Jacobo – Herencia Criolla (Self-Release)